Fiberglass Pipe for Chemical Plant


Chemical Fiberglass (FRP) pipes are also called chemical FRP pipes. FRP chemical pipes are FRP pipes used in chemical plants. They are generally used to transport chemical liquids and industrial gases. Most of them contain acid or alkaline, so FRP pipes are selected.

Specifications of chemical glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes:

Diameter: dn50-4000mm can be customized for production.

Fiberglass Pipe for Chemical Plant

Chemical FRP pipes

Generally speaking, according to the actual use site, if the pH of the medium is very high, the glass fiber-reinforced plastic pipeline is generally used. Of course, it should be combined with the actual application to provide suitable pipelines according to customer needs. Like many chemical wastewater exhaust pipes, glass fiber-reinforced plastic sand pipes are generally used, and the cost is low.

Chemical FRP pipe features:

  • Corrosion resistance: FRP is a good corrosion-resistant material, and has good resistance to the atmosphere, water, and general concentrations of acids, alkalis, salts, and various oils and solvents.
  • It has good design ability, and can flexibly design various products according to needs to meet the requirements of use, which can make the product have good integrity.
  • Lightweight and high-strength, other pipes of the same quality have the strongest strength, and pipes of the same strength have the lightest weight.
  • Easy installation and convenient transportation.

Chemical FRP pipes are mostly used in petroleum, pharmaceutical, chemical, seawater desalination, fertilizer and pesticide manufacturing, pipes for desulfurization and denitrification, etc. FRP pipes can be seen in many industries.


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