Fiberglass Products In Corrossion Resistant Industry


In the chemical production process, it’s necessary to contact with acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents, and other strong corrosive media, so the corrosion and chemical production is always accompanied by the chemical factories. At the same time, anti-corrosion technology workers from beginning to end with the unremitting efforts, in many areas of effective protection. With the development of modern science and technology and the production of various new materials and new technologies, it has made considerable progress in the technology of corrosion protection. In the corrosive environment of buildings, structures, corrosion is still a difficult problem. This type of corrosion in the past is often overlooked, resulting in some of the old factory buildings appear more serious corrosion, the loss is very large. For example, in the production of chemical fertilizer nitrate, ammonium nitrate, urea plant; nonferrous metallurgy wet electrolytic workshop, floor slab, bridge, platform, and underground structures. Due to the volatilization of acid mist, dust flying, leaking, deliquescence and causes the serious corrosion of buildings, some parts of a 10 mm thick steel structure, a year and corrosion is difficult to load and must be replaced. Corrosion protection for steel structure. At present, the main use of brushing anticorrosive paint, plastic, spray, rubber lining, glass steel, lead lining, and lining titanium plate wrapping. These measures because of the low level of protection or the cost of expensive are not very satisfied. In the ’90s, the steel structure in our country is industrialized, which makes it a new way to solve the problem of the steel structure. Pultruded FRP profiles changed the fiberglass product’s role in the anti-corrosion industry,  the role of fiberglass parts, pipes and containers, with its high strength, lightweight, resistance to corrosion characteristics instead of steel, leaped into the building load-bearing structure field.

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