Fiberglass Pultruded Tool Handle

Fiberglass pultruded tooling handle has incomparable advantages than a wooden handle, lightweight, corrosion resistance, high strength, in recent years, many countries imported large quantities of fiberglass tool handle from China. Today we’ll introduce the garden tool handle by pultrusion molding method, the use of glass fiber stitched mat and pultruded surface mat as reinforcement material, special pultrusion resin as matrix material, through high-temperature cavity heating and. Especially in the surface using the surface mat, the production of the product surface smooth, durable, not fade, especially suitable for use as a garden tool handle. The process of pultrusion process of the glass fiber from the dip in the trough, after heating, the formation of a certain shape of the products. In this process, the resin from the liquid into a solid shape, and that is the unsaturated polyester resin curing.
Technical index of the handle of the garden tools of the fiberglass handle:
Smooth appearance, uniform color, cutting surface is smooth without burr, fiber tube in the length direction of the deflection is equal to or less than 3mm / m, 1m tube test beam at the midpoint of the bearing force is equal to or more than 200kg in 500mm cantilever beam test is more than or equal to 80kg.
Tips in production:
(1) the surface veil in the pultrusion process improves the surface finish and increases the transverse strength. And continuous fiber mat and glass fiber roving can ensure the strength of the product;
(2) the adding of filler improves the toughness of the product, reduce the shrinkage, reduce the cost, and greatly improve the surface finish of the product;

(3) reasonable selection of molding temperature and speed can make the production efficiency and product quality reach the most optimal value.

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