FRP Fishing Rod


Carbon material fishing rod weight is light, for most people, too heavy fishing tackle will make them lose interest in fishing. After all, no people willing to carrying dozens of kilograms of equipment to travel long distances to find a suitable fishing location. Carbon material fishing rod is a hollow structure, so it is a very lightweight and high density of carbon fiber, tough degree and ability to withstand that even very fine carbon rod also has strong toughness, to ensure it does not break.

But the price and quality of carbon fiber rod is also proportional to the relatively high, and has conductivity, is not suitable for thunderstorm weather out fishing.

The advantages of FRP pultruded rod is also a good replacement, for example, corrosion resistance, this can be very good to complex weather conditions and environment, and durability. Because it is synthesized by the plastic fiber, so there is no problem with conductivity, and you can decide to go fishing at any time. Some people think that the fiberglass pultruded rod is of higher quality but a little heavier compared with carbon fiber rod. Fortunately, with the continuous innovation of synthetic materials, the fiberglass rod will be more and more light.

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