Fiberglass Pultruded Blade Introduction


Unicomposite provides fiberglass pultruded blade, blade of variable cross section reinforced skeleton wedge pultrusion production equipment, tooling and technical services.

In order to reduce the weight of the blade while ensuring the strength and stiffness requirements, fiberglass reinforced polyester composites – referred to as the FRP become the material of choice for blade manufacture. In the horizontal axis wind turbine, blade section for the gradient type, length of 30 – 40 meters (for megawatt wind generator), the foreign manufacturers adopt methods of pre saturated pultrusion and hand lay-up production (domestic blade 95% imported), its high production cost, low production efficiency, restrict installed capacity of the large-scale wind turbine. In the vertical axis wind turbine, blade as fishbone invariant sections, and does not need to consider the dynamic balance of the rotor, the pultrusion process production method.
Using the pultrusion process method for producing fiberglass blade can realize industrialized continuous production, product without late dressing, consistent quality, without detection of dynamic balance, the rate of 95%, compared with glass steel blade pultrusion process method for producing fiberglass blades and other forming processes of production, the cost can be reduced by 40%, the sales price will reduce 50%
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