Fiberglass Water Tank Advantages And Applications


The traditional water tank or ditch material has disadvantages of corrosion, aging, wear loss and others. Fiberglass water tank size, shape and specification can be customized design and fully meet the requirements of customers. Fiberglass tank is made of high quality fiberglass materials, it has a long service life, no pollution and harmless to the human body, anti-aging performance is good, safe and reliable, not combustion, fire retardant, not conductive, antistatic.

Fiberglass Water Tank Advantages And Applications

Square fiberglass water tank

When they have been used for a long time, they won’t fade. Fiberglass tank is made of gel coat resin, glass fiber cloth, artificial, and use high density board surface strengthening and corrosion resistant, durable. They are lightweight, high strength, it is ideal for water treatment and in the steel structure construction of the drainage system, the construction is simple and convenient assembly, plug, save construction time.

The production of fiberglass water tank: pultrusion process to manufacture 2.5~6.0mm wall thickness fiberglass tank. It can also be used in the hand lay-up production process of artificial molding, tank wall thickness and size can be customized, length can be customized, color can be specified.

Application of fiberglass tanks: they have been widely used in petroleum, chemical, mining, power, marine exploration, electroplating, shipping, water and wastewater treatment, cooling tower product, aquaculture.

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