Fiberglass Pultruded Rods And FRP Tubes Defects And Solutions


8. There is white powder on the surface of fiberglass pultruded rods and FRP tubes: demoulding problem, the mold wall sticking, debris piled up to scratch the surface of the product, the mold wall surface roughness value is too high(manufacturing or using scratch, corrosion).

Solution: clean the mold release agent, good, FRP repair or replace qualified pultrusion die, stop a moment on the restart, pull the sticking out of the debris, the purpose of cleaning up.

9. There is an obvious line on the fiberglass pultruded profiles: parting line wear reason: FRP pultrusion mold size precision is not enough, in the mold when the module positioning deviation, the parting line is sticking caused by the white line.

Solution: to repair the mold, mold opened reassembled, stop for a moment and then restart.

10. Glass fiber exposed: fiber pilling causes: the defect in the general reinforced with fiber yarn products such as rods, the possible reason is that the fiber content is too high or the cavity wall adhesion with resin debris.

Solution: To reduce the fiber content, suspended after the reboot the machine.

11. Aging resistance is easy to fade: no reason to add light stabilizer and heat stabilizer, poor colour fastness to light.

Solution: adding anti-aging agent, selection of high quality color paste.

12. reasons: poor insulation is poor resin, fiber, interfacial bonding properties.

Measures: to improve the selection of raw materials, in order to enhance the interfacial properties of the use of the coupling agent.

13. The strength is not enough and poor mechanical properties: the mechanical properties of raw materials are low, the curing degree is not enough.

Solution: using high quality raw materials, such as high strength resin fiber, high strength, in order to ensure proper control of process parameters of degree of cure, after curing.

14. There are bubbles on the profiles: raw material quality is poor, and the temperature control is not reasonable.

Solution: choose good material, and temperature is not too high.

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