Fiberglass Pultruded Gratings Characteristics


Fiberglass Pultruded Gratings:

Fiberglass pultruded gratings use pultrusion mould “I” and “T” shaped profile as the bearing, with a solid bar or pipe as the connection rod, and it is made by a certain assembly processwith gap plate. Pultruded gratings are composed of pultruded profiles and tubes and rods assembled. They are widely used in corrosion environment. Such as: acid-base platform, trench, water treatment waste, cooling tower filler plate and other harsh environment. Slip type closed cover can be made according to customer requirements.

Fiberglass Pultrded Gratings Characteristics:

FRP gratings are mainly composed of three parts:

1. The bearing section: it’s mainly composed of pultruded profile “I” or “T” profile

2. The connection profile: its function is to connect the bearing section, mainly using the various round bar

3. Interval profiles: its role is in the regulation of the gap and fixed fiberglass gratings rate, mainly use the pultruded bar with pultruded profile “I” or “T” profile as bearing bar,using the round bar or shaped rod as a bar (connecting rod), the use of adhesives according to a certain distance, the transverse rod and the bearing rod is fixed and connected together to form the FRP gratings.

Most properties of fiberglass pultruded gratings are similar to molded fiberglass gratings, but it also has significant differences, the most important point is that the bearing bar has high glass fiber contenton, so compared with the molded gratings, the use of more superiority in large span, this will reduce the base support to lower the cost of the project.

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