Pultrusion Process Raw Materials


FRP pultrusion process raw materials and auxiliary materials include glass fiber reinforced resin matrix material and auxiliary materials. Glass fiber reinforced materials include roving,continuous filament mat etc. Reinforced material support frame of the hollow profile, it basically determines the tensile strength and tensile modulus of elasticity products, but also to reduce the shrinkage of the polymers, improve the heat distortion temperature and impact strength at low temperatures also have a certain role. Pull requests extrusion process of continuous glass fiber mat is has high mechanical strength. Resin matrix should be selected to meet the requirements because pultrusion profiles need special unsaturated polyester resin. Auxiliary materials include the release agent, powder filler, coupling agent, curing agent. Product demoulding agent in general with stearic acid salt series. The role is to improve the performance of the resin filling process and product and reduce the cost. Usually the inorganic filler can improve the mechanical strength and hardness, reduce the volume shrinkage rate, increase the heat resistance, self extinguishing, increasing resin viscosity and reduce the liquidity.

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