FRP Products Preforming System


FRP product tooling includes three main parts: main pultrusion mould, preforming system and clamping system. Today we ‘ll talk about the importance of preforming system.

Preforming system design: preforming system in FRP pultrusion molding process, material impregnated with resin enhanced after a group of fiberglass roving guide, via preforming system to resin filtration, reinforcement to mould for the profile section of the configuration and gradually achieve or approximate mold section shape and size, and then enter the fiberglass pultrusion mould, in order to achieve the cross section of the product to enhance the content of the material is uniform to achieve full product shape, the smooth realization of continuous production. Although preforming system is regarded as mould accessories for many mold manufacturers, and some parts are provided to customers free of charge, it also can’t obliterate the preforming system design is the soul of the mold design, in some degree, we can say: preforming system determines the mold. Preform design not only contains the design concept of the mold manufacturers, processing experience, but also reflects the mold manufacturers to pultrusion process is predictable. It’s also an very important point to check the whether FRP pultrusion mould manufacturer is competitive or not.

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