Fiberglass Pultruded Telescopic Tubes Introduction And Application


Most of fiberglass pultruded rods and tubes are straight, we are able to do frp machining process to make those profiles tapered and telescopic.

For fiberglass rods, we have a special designed grinding machine and experienced workers to do machining job. Fiberglass rods can be tiped or tapered at the customer’s request.

For fiberglass round tubes, there are two kinds of production technology, pultrusion process and roller. Roller process is for round tubes with very thin wall thickness, and pultruded tubes wall thickness is relatively thicker. The diameter of tube can be specified, from small diameter 4mm, 5mm to large diameters. We can assemble fiberglass tubes with different diameters and joint accessories to be a whole product, the product is fiberglass telescopic tube. The most obvious advantage of the telescopic tubes is saving space and easy to carry. For example, a piece of 1.2m long telescopic tube can be as long as 10m.

The general applications of telescopic tubes are feather flags and banner flags. In recent years, with the development of national attention, the field of the natural environment and the ecological environment is getting better and better. The bird’s breed condition has been improved, the number of bird populations increased dramatically. The bird has become an important problem of the fruit industry, planting industry faces. To save the invisible loss, bird drive science, should cause the attention of anti-bird fruit. Bird kite emerges as the times require,7–10 m telescopic tube used for net bar to support the anti bird netting, anti bird nets, cucumber, gardening, fence, insect net, windbreak, ponds, fish farming, breeding and other efficient agriculture net.

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