FRP Pultrusion Equipment Parts Introduction


FRP pultrusion equipment is mainly used for the production of FRP pultruded products, such as cable products, outdoor engineering products, etc. Products are widely applied in various electrical, anti-corrosion engineering, building industry, transportation and other fields.

The characteristics of FRP pultrusion equipment:

Pultrusion equipment with mold can produce different fiberglass products, such as cable tray, electrician ladder, doors and windows profiles, grille, guardrail etc.

Debugging, intermittent and continuous work mode is convenient for adjustment of process.

Traction force, traction speed digital display, adjusted according to production needs.

Hydraulic oil cooling function suitable for continuous production, hydraulic oil heating function suitable for the cold area.

Multiple failures warning function.

FRP pultrusion machine control system equipment:

The machine adopts domestic famous brands of hydraulic components, relay circuit, temperature control for intelligent instruments, solid state relay trigger, Longmen walking adopts the linear guide the most advanced, guarantee the operation stability, eliminate the chattering phenomenon. Cooling method for the hydraulic system: water cooling.

FRP pultrusion equipment electrical control system:

The control part is a relay circuit to repair convenient, and it’s easy to understand the objective. It can also be customized according to the customer requirements of PLC control system.

The heating part adopts the intelligent instrument, solid state relay trigger. General control temperature could achieve ±1 centigrade.

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