Fiberglass Gratings Used As Platform In Dock


Fiberglass pultruded gratings and molded gratings are very common in dock building beside the sea, rivers for passengers up and down and cargo handling. They are very common in water and land transportation developed commercial city. It may also be attractive to visitors and landmarks.

Fiberglass gratings have their own unique properties as a dock platform.

There are many fiberglass gratings platforms in docks, they are as pavement material business channels because of corrosion resistance, no painted requirement, no maintenance, long service life, can be applied in twenty years. Compared with the steel, they are light weight, which can be reduced 3/4, it doesn’t for use in lifting device installation because the equipment is more suitable for channel operation support.

Fiberglass gratings can be sawed holes and installed equipment demand satisfaction very conveniently, and won’t change the mechanical function of the gratings, but that won’t form a grid dispersion. Lightweight fiberglass gratings are more suitable to be used as a mobile operation channel. In addition, proper planning will make people reduce the work time and improve work efficiency, so it is an ideal material for artificial channel.

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