Pultruded Windows And Profiles Development


The traditional doors and windows materials are mainly wood materials. With the development of new materials, the application of steel doors and windows, aluminum alloy windows, plastic doors and windows have become increasingly widespread, pultruded doors and windows can be used in the construction industry because of the material itself has high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, flame retardant, insulation, sound insulation, long light not deformation and other comprehensive performance, so the fiberglass pultruded door and window is a new type of ideal building material.

The international plastic steel door and window began to be used in this century 50 time end, first by the former West Germany developed. From the beginning of the ’70s, the development of a plastic window in the country to implement the policy of support, make the new doors and windows have been developing rapidly. Although the United States started late, the annual growth rate of more than 15%, it is the fastest-growing of all building materials products.

With the development of the market of door and window, PVC plastic door and window have been unable to meet the needs of multi-function. Therefore, in the early ’80s, Canada’s first successful development of FRP doors and windows.

Fiberglass is a new type of composite materials in foreign countries to develop at the beginning of the twentieth century, it has the characteristics of light quality, high strength,anti-corrosion, insulation, insulation, sound insulation, long service life, etc.. Is widely used in national defense, aviation, shipbuilding, automobile, tourism, construction, etc. Manufacturing doors and windows with fiberglass pultrusion technology, in some foreign area developed earlier,and the development of fast, wide popularization. To the early ’90s, fiberglass doors and windows have been rapidly expanding to the United States, Russia, Germany and Japan and other countries. FRP doors and windows can replace the wood, steel, aluminum alloy, plastic door and window, the chemical, mechanical and physical properties, the doors and windows of the building market competition, with strong strength.

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