How To Control Noise Of Pultrusion Machine


How to control noise in the transmission path

1. in the overall layout and reasonable design. In the arrangement of factories and mines of graphic design, noise source of a workshop or device for pultrusion hydraulic press workshop, laboratory, far away from the requirement of office quiet, or the high noiseequipment should be concentrated, which is convenient to control.

2. with a barrier to prevent noise propagation, or the use of natural terrain such as hills, slopes, forest grass, tall buildings or afraid of noisy or adding structures, etc..

3. the use of sound source directivity characteristics to control noise. If the high-pressure boiler exhaust stream, blast furnace ventilation, oxygen making machine exhaust outlet towards the wilderness or the sky, to reduce the environmental impact of.

To reduce the noise source

1 improve the transformation of pultrusion hydraulic machine and choose low noise hydraulic machine.

2 to improve the processing and assembling precision machinery, mechanical vibration and noise generated by the friction reduction.

3 for high pressure, high-speed airflow to reduce the pressure and flow rate, or to change the airflow nozzle shape.

Protection of workers

1 personal protection for workers, such as wear earplugs, earmuffs helmet noise prevention activities.

2 take workers rotation operation, shorten the workers entered the high noise environment working time.

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