Fiberglass Rods


Fiberglass rods are made with flexibility that appears to be round commonly and are used as framing of structures like in greenhouses. It also provides both industrial and recreational purposes for it can be used in kite frames and flag whips.

since this flexible fiberglass rods do not conduct electricity, it’s other use therefore is recommended for antennas. On projects where conductivity is an issue, long fiberglass rods are often used as strengthening core on the application.

Fiberglass rods are classified into few types. These are:

long fiberglass rods

  ♦  This type of fiberglass rods is usually used in structures just like in greenhouse framing.

tapered fiberglass rods

  ♦  This type of fiberglass rods is the one that is used for recreational purposes just like in kite framing.

electrical fiberglass rods

  ♦  This type offiberglass rods provides the benefit of making an electrical project safe and non-conductive as it can be used as a core on the application of electrical connections.

square fiberglass rod

  ♦  This type of fiberglass rods adds an artistic view to the application. Thus, it fits better on hobbyist projects. Its difference in shape has made a lot of distinction from the basic one, yet, everything will merely depend on the structure design.

bendable fiberglass rods

  ♦  This type of fiberglass rods is the best buy. It is very suitable on variation of projects with that requires more flexibility and sturdiness.


My aim in acquiring this rod is simply for the purpose of my new-found hobby but after knowing that Unicomposite has been offering fiberglass rods wholesale, I grabbed the chance of getting a bunch and sell the rest. For the fact that it is quite expensive to buy fiberglass rods from other brands with same quality as I got, this wholesale offer is already an advantage for those who wants to turn their hobby into business, just like what I did.

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