FRP Composite Sheet Piling


FRP composite sheet piling has been specially designed as an alternative to rival conventional steel sheet piling.

A composite is a structural material, consisting of two or more constituents that are combined at a macroscopic level and are not soluble in each other.  Manufactured in the USA using the latest pultrusion technologies, our FRP composite sheet piles have more consistent shape, thickness and dimensional tolerances than alternatives. Uniting polyester and vinyl-ester, the revolutionary FRP sheet piling material offers significant benefits over steel or vinyl sheet piling materials.

Performance Properties

FRP composite sheet piles are among the strongest and most durable synthetic piling products in the world.  Where environmental considerations require a sheet pile wall structure that will not rot, decay, rust or spall, FRP composite is the material of choice.

FRP composite sheet piles offer:

· inherent corrosion resistance – no need for coating, or extra thickness, to prevent premature rust, or corrosion from abnormal pH levels, non-aqueous phase liquids and other corrosive chemicals

· strength and durability – structural integrity similar to steel allowing for tie-back systems, and retained performance across a wide temperature range

· extended lifetime – no material breakdown over time result sin a virtually permanent solution

· reduced associated life-cycle costs – virtually maintenance free performance and, up to 70% lighter than steel affording potential cost savings on transportation

FRP composite sheet piling can be used in most vertical barrier cut off wall applications to deliver an environmentally sensitive, virtually permanent, cost effective, project solution.

FRP Composite Sheet Piling
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