Fiberglass Sheet With Continuous Forming Process


The whole process of forming process of the fiberglass sheet is continuous pultrusion. Because of the continuity of production, so that the device has convenient process control, low labor intensity, low pollution, good working environment, high production efficiency, stable product quality, and other advantages.

1. Continues Pultrusion Process

Carrier film along the line direction, and a resin film and resin used to control the thickness of the blade. With the rolling cutter glass fiber chopped into 25 to 50mm long, the average spread on rice was resin. In the resin, glass fiber covered carrier film form the “sandwich” shift with pressure roller dipping, remove air bubble into the molding region (curing room). In curing indoor molding template (or roll) forming the required shape or flat. At the same time, adjusting the thickness of the plate curing. The curing room after the release film resection of both sides. The desired length. The production line speed of 5 ~ 15m / min, the current sheet width up to 3m.

2. Raw Materials

Resin: unsaturated polyester resin, acrylic resin, phenolic resin, thermosetting resin.

Fiber: glass fiber rovings and chopped strand mat, continuous strand mat, woven fabric.

3. advantages and disadvantages

1 high production efficiency.

2 replace the forming template (or roll) can produce different specifications of the plate shape

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