Fiberglass Tile’s Features and Produce Technology


1.Hand lay-up

Cut polyester film into 2.1 meters long, 1.1 meters wide operating platform, laying a layer of polyester film, the film with good 1 layer grid cloth, grid cloth again in the upper layer 1 grid cloth, then spread thin film and spread on cloth on a thin film layer 2 squares.

Repeat lay many layers, pawnshops good paste hand operation of the reentry after production, the cylinder with enamel from the enamel barrel with good adhesive is expected to fall on the paved the upper pane cloth, with a big scraper resin is evenly spreading quickly, take another one polyester film cover on it.

Replace with a small scraper to remove bubbles from the checkered fabric on top of the fiberglass sheet.

When the gingham is all soaked with resin, air bubble after all drive, together the upper membrane sandwich pane cloth, move in a wave type and metal mold, or other material in the wave pattern, then wait for FRP tiles into a green, repeat the above operation that can get a certain number of wave types, each mold tile, tile can be stacked many new,then saw edge trim before be sold.

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2. Pultrusion technology

Fiberglass Tile's Features and Produce Technology Fiberglass Tile's Features and Produce Technology


Fiberglass tile’s features:

1. FRP sheet Weather resistant, non-aging, no deformation, no weathering and peeling at 65 degrees ℃.

2. Pultruded roof sheet is Good thermal insulation and thermal insulation effect (thermal conductivity 0.14kcl/ MHR ℃

3. Pultruded tile Non-toxic and free of carcinogenic microorganisms such as asbestos, meeting world health standards

4. No moss growth, preventing the growth of microbial attachments under proper construction, strong wind resistance (can withstand winds of 120 miles per hour).

5. Tough and shock-resistant, it can be restored to its original shape even if the wheel is run over (42Mpa).

6. Safe and reliable, open fire does not aid combustion, and name of fire indicator test method. Test results: toughness folding does not break wind resistance, pressure resistance, aging resistance, folding resistance, strength resistance and weather resistance.


With continuous forming, infinite, light weight, high strength, resistance to aging, pervious to light, flame retardant, precise size, smooth surface, optional coloring, maintenance free, green environmental protection, etc, the fiberglass tile are widely used in large buildings, modern light steel structure color pressure plate, greenhouses, stadiums, aquaculture and so on.

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