Pultruded Epoxy Products Applications


Unsaturated polyester resin is the most common resin which is used in fiberglass pultruded products, and then epoxy resin. It is mainly used for products with high requirements for mechanical properties and heat resistance. Besides those two types of resin, vinyl ester resin, phenolic resin, and thermal plastic resin are also used during production. The resin requirements in pultrusion technology are low viscosity, easy to saturate the reinforced material;  fast curing to adapt to the requirements of continuous forming production; good adhesion, curing shrinkage rate. Flexibility is good, the product is not easy to have cracks. Epoxy resin pultruded profiles are an important type of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, and they have excellent strength properties.

Applications of fiberglass pultruded epoxy resin products:

1). Electrical engineering is the most widely used area currently, and it is a very important development. Such as the transformer air catheter positioning rod, high voltage insulator core, high-voltage cable protection tube, cable rack, insulative ladder, insulating rod, pole, rail guard board, cable distributing frame, motor spare parts, etc.

2). The chemical anti-corrosion field is the fastest developing field in recent years. Typical products such as supporting structure of pipe network, pumping rod, downhole pressure pipeline, wastewater treatment equipment, baffle of the chemical industry, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, metallurgy, and other factories in the railings, stair and platform railing, the grid floor.

3). Building construction, the structure is mainly used in the light structure, the upper structure of the high-rise structure, or special purpose structure. Such as the activity of the housing structure, doors and windows structure with profile, truss, light bridge, railing, tent, suspended ceiling, structure, etc.

4). Sports and entertainment areas such as fiberglass fishing rod, hockey stick, ski pole, pole vault, bow, etc.

5). Transportation areas such as automotive shelves, truck frame, refrigerated car, car springboard, luggage rack, insurance, deck, electric train track board, etc.

6). The energy field is mainly used in the solar collector, the wind turbine blade, the oil well, and so on.

7). Aerospace applications such as aircraft and spacecraft antenna insulating tube, the spacecraft motor parts, fiberglass I beam, trough shaped beam and square beam, fiberglass rods, etc.

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