Filament Winding Forming Principle and Equipment


Filament Winding Forming Principle

Different from pultrusion process, filament winding process is one of the main manufacturing process resin matrix composites. It is under the control of a tension and a predetermined linear conditions, the application of a special winding equipment continuous, uniform and regularly after winding continuous fiber tape impregnated with resin or glue on a mandrel or liner, then at a certain temperature environment to solidify, become shaped article composite molding methods.

Forming Equipment

Fiberglass filament winding machine is the main equipment filament winding technology, design and performance filament-wound products should be achieved by winding machine. According to the control in the form of wrapping machine can be divided into mechanical winding machine, digital control winding machine, computer control winding machine and computer numerical control winding machine, which is actually winding machine four stages of development.The most commonly used are mainly mechanical and computer numerical control winding machine.Filament winding machine is the main equipment filament winding process, usually by the body, powertrain and control system composed of several parts. Auxiliary equipment including dipping device and tension control system, creel, mandrel heater, heater and curing prepreg yarn equipment.

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