Fiberglass Pultruded Products Surface Coating Function


With the development of economy, fiberglass pultruded products on the market requirements of beautiful appearance, high-performance price ratio. The surface coating can make its surface appearance, durable, improve the added value of products, so this kind of technology is the attention at home and abroad, has become a research hotspot in the field. Poly three vinyl fluoride coating, anti-aging film, resin rich protective effect of aging on the transparent fiberglass layer performance.

The results show that the best protection effect of poly three vinyl fluoride coating on ultraviolet radiation, anti-aging film was the worst, the resin rich layer of protection. Finish the thermoplastic acrylic cellulose polyester paint for automobile, motorcycle, and achieved good results, the coating and the matrix resin bonded firmly, and through a series of physical, chemical indicators test, can meet the requirements of the industry, has industrial application. The polyolefin degradation process is mainly hot oxygen-free radical process, while the thermal oxidative degradation of polyester except outside, also occur alcoholysis, hydrolysis reaction, the reaction may be the main factors in certain conditions.

Unsaturated polyester resin, FRP products is a kind of universal structure material, it has good comprehensive properties, widely used, because of its poor weather ability, limit their outdoor applications, research to improve the aging resistance, delay the aging process, improve the added value, expand its range of application is an important way to improve the economic benefit.

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