Pultrusion Technology Requirement


FRP pultrusion technology is widely used in the industrial production, and the resin matrix will strengthen the bonding of the material together, and play a role in the transmission load and the load balance. The properties of the resin matrix determine the heat resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, flame retardant, weather resistance, electrical insulation, biological properties and transmittance. Because of the technology of FRP pultrsuion needs to meet the requirements of design and application of the product, and it must have a longer gel time time and faster curing rate, so it should have the following requirements in the selection of resin matrix:

1. In general, the viscosity of the resin is less than 2Pa.S, preferably no solvent based resin or reactive resin. Resin in the use of the process has a good fluidity and rapid impregnation of glass fiber, and easy to eliminate the bubble.
2. The application period of the resin cement in the adaptation period of the resin is more suitable for 24h.
3. The high reaction activity curing time is short, the rapid prototyping of the pultrusion mold environment.
4. The FRP pultrusion production requires low shrinkage which is less than 4%.
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