Tips on Producing FRP Profiles


Quality of fiberglass pultruded profiles is assessed by many aspects including customer’s property requirement, the raw material, the effectiveness. Pultruded profiles are most used in construction field, and sometimes in mechanical manufacture field. Then, how to make the quality of FRP profiles stable and reliable? We think it is mainly decided by the choose of raw materials and the production technology. For example, when producing square tubes, attention should be paid that the product is straight and the place of the mandrel. These two points are very important and they decide the quality and property of the product. A great fiberglass square tube should have a good straightness and its tolerance should meet the requirement. The straightness is affected by the place of the mandrel. If the mandrel shifts, the product will be warped and it is certainly unqualified.

Control of the surface is important as well. After all, you want pultruded product with a good quality, and also, a beautiful appearance. It depends on which kind of reinforcement felt you choose. Nowadays, the surface veil can give the best surface result, then the chopped mat, continuous mat and knitted mat. In these mats, knitted mat has the best quality while it doesn’t have a very good surface performance. When it comes to the strength when used, knitted mat must be used to ensure the strength. With the development of technologies these days, there are more kinds of surface. Different customers can get the ones they want, which meets their requirement. When a high requirement on surface is needed, it will need a secondary operation and this will affect the property of the product to some degree.

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