Epoxy Fiberglass Laminate Sheet Introduction


Different from fiberglass pultruded profiles, epoxy fiberglass laminate sheet is made from chemically treated electrician non alkali fiberglass cloth as the backing material, epoxy resin as a binder to laminate formed by hot pressing under high temperature, high mechanical strength, electrical properties under high humidity stability.

General fiberglass sheet color: light green or yellow

Standard wall thickness: 0.2~110mm

Width 980~1220mm length 1980~2470mm

Epoxy fiberglass laminate (G10/FR-4/G11/FR-5) products features:

1 excellent low water absorption rate

The water absorption rate is almost 0.

2 excellent flame retardancy

Heat resistant grade reaches 160-180 DEG C; flame retardant: UL 94 V-0 grade

3 excellent mechanical processing performance can be based on customer requirements for sheet metal stamping, cutting and other processing, directly provide insulation parts. Epoxy fiberglass laminate sheet application: 1. motor and electrical equipment as insulating structural parts 2. can be in damp environment and in transformer oil using 3. high voltage switch cabinet.

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