What Does G10 and FR-4 Fiberglass Sheet Mean?


You may know G10 and FR-4 fiberglass sheet, what do G10 and FR-4 mean?

What Does G10 and FR-4 Fiberglass Sheet Mean?

Fiberglass sheet

G10 in the “G” on behalf of glass fiber, glass fiber content of 10 represents is 10%, G10 fiberglass epoxy sheet is composed of glass cloth and epoxy resin after processing of synthetic. It has mechanical strength without deformation, at the same time with insulation, acid and alkali resistant properties. Good insulation strength, chemical resistance, impact resistance performance and anti-heat radiation; good tensile strength, flexural strength and adaptation to low-temperature performance.

What Does G10 and FR-4 Fiberglass Sheet Mean?

FR4 sheet

The FR-4 epoxy sheet is also can be called FR4, it is made of the raw material with high quality electronic glass fiber cloth, and it is suitable for application in high-performance electronic insulation requirements of products, excellent comprehensive performance and flame retardancy,halogen-free, in line with EU standards, so the application of this material is very extensive, excellent performance can be applied in various plate reinforcement, motor, electrical equipment insulation structure parts.

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