FRP Pultruded Production Process Development And Applications


FRP pultruded production process in American has experienced decades of development. The late 70’s for pultrusion process application of synthetic resin, glass fibers and fabrics and other raw material one after another, so that the rapid development of the pultrusion process. The 80’s USA pultruded FRP products annually at a rate of 12.5%, the main raw material used in the section for glass fiber roving, fiberglass continuous felt and all kinds of glass fiber fabric, synthetic resin and corresponding additives, fillers, pigments etc. The technological process of roving, fabric preform – resin impregnated continuous curing – cooling – fixed length cutting – product packaging.

FRP profiles compared with common structure steel products have advantages of high strength, lightweight, corrosion resistance, insulation and heat insulation, etc. Here are some examples of pultruded FRP profiles as structural bearing parts used in chemical corrosion industries. 1, the purification of cobalt electrolytic workshop section operating platform; system operation platform 2, purification of nickel electrolysis; Zhanqiao; roof and electrolytic tank bracket; 3, zinc leaching workshop operation platform, walkway platform; 4, aluminum electrolytic workshop anode precipitation tank support;

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