Connection Of Pultruded Profiles And the Benefit In the Long Run


When connecting pultruded FRP profiles in the as bearing structure, the biggest inconvenience is that they can’t be welded. Current applications are mainly card sleeve, inserted sleeve gasket, scarf butt and adhesive. The main bearing structure also adopts ordinary bolts or stainless steel bolt which has coated with epoxy resin protection to connect. Some companies are developing FRP bolt in practical applications.

The volume price of pultruded profile is about 2 times that of the ordinary steel, 1/2 of stainless steel. It’s difficult to be accepted as the building materials in some enterprises. But the pultruded FRP profiles can save the cost of 3 years and can be balanced with the steel structure and engineering cost. It is important for pultruded profiles structures service life not less than 30 years, while the ordinary steel structure corrosion environment above the service life of only two or three years. From this point of view, the application practice of our proof of FRP profiles in the corrosion environment of buildings, structures and economic benefits is very considerable.

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