FRP Anti-Corrosion Introduction


What is the FRP anti-corrosion performance? It is that the carbon fiber product, concrete or other base material surface is coated with fiberglass material to prevent the substrate in the medium or the environment under the influence of damage or deterioration.

The product structure type of glass fiber reinforced plastics:

1. the base material mainly refers to the material surface to need to be preserved, the material quality condition and the material choice and the quality of the glass fiber.

2. the transition bonding layer is mainly used for the bonding between the glass and the substrate, and the shear strength between the glass and the substrate is ensured.

3. resin mortar layer is mainly used to repair the surface defects of the substrate and improve the resistance of the glass fiber reinforced plastic coating.

4. the glass fiber reinforced layer is mainly used in the strengthening and anti leakage of the glass fiber reinforced layer, improve the mechanical properties of the glass fiber reinforced layer, and ensure that the site condition should meet the requirements of stress and strain.

5. outer protective layer is mainly used to resist the external environment, it’s usually consist of the impermeable layer and the rich resin layer to prevent corrosion and leakage.

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