Resin Type of Fiberglass Cover


There are three kinds of commonly used resin types glass fiber reinforced plastic cover: phthalate resin, isophthalic resin, vinyl ester resin.

The resistance corrosion performance of resin is proportional to its price, so according to the use environment of corrosive medium, the query performance is introduced and the corrosion resistance of the selected table the most economical type of resin:

A. the phthalate resin: with ordinary corrosion resistance, resistant to weathering and corrosion, long-term use temperature -50~60 degrees.

B. isophthalic resin type: with excellent resistance corrosion, resistant to moderate concentration of inorganic acid saline environment, long-term use temperature of -50~90 DEG.

C. vinyl ester type: with excellent corrosion resistance, acid, alkali, salt, solvent, or acid and alkali corrosion environment, the long-term use of -50~110 DEG.

After exposure, due to the phenolic resin containing aromatic rings,the problem of aging is very serious emerge on the surface of fine crack, lose luster, rough blackening. However, corrosion  resistant fiberglass pultruded/molded/hand lay-up covers in natural environment for 5 to 7 years or even longer, the impact of aging on mechanical strength is less, bending, tensile, compressive, impact resistance, and the elastic modulus of the continued reduction is not big, and the change of polyester resin will be more obvious.

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