FRP Anti-glare Plate on Highway


The anti-glare plate is a traffic safety product that is manufactured and installed on the central divider of the expressway to solve the glare of the opposite headlights. It is mostly installed on the guardrail of the central separation belt of the expressway or between the guardrails, and some are set on the central opening movable guardrail.

In terms of the production process, there are glass fiber reinforced plastic compression molding, glass fiber reinforced plastic extrusion molding, plastic roto-molding, plastic blow molding, plastic injection molding and plastic extrusion molding;

From the size distribution, the height is from 0.7m to 1.1 m, the width is from 140 mm to 290 mm, and the thickness is from 3 mm to 70 mm.

There are also a variety of materials, such as SMC fiberglass, DMC fiberglass, HDPE (high-density polyethylene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), ABS and so on.

The glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-glare board is a composite profile made of glass fiber roving, glass fiber, continuous mat, unsaturated polyester resin and fillers, using a special pultrusion forming equipment. The product has the following advantages :

  1. Lightweight and strong
  2. Corrosion-free
  3. The good effect of anti-glare
  4. Stable structure, beautiful appearance, firm device
  5. Good weather resistance


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