The Introduction of Fiberglass Reinforced Panel


The glass fiber reinforced panel is a thin and soft plastic panel made of strong polyester resin and reinforced with glass fiber. It is mainly composed of high-performance coating, reinforced polyester and glass fiber, of which the coating should play a good role in anti-ultraviolet and antistatic. The anti-ultraviolet is to protect the polyester of fiberglass reinforced panel from yellowing and aging. Anti-static is to ensure that the dust on the surface is easily washed away by the rain or blown away by the wind, maintaining a clean and beautiful surface. Because of its stable quality and long-lasting characteristics, it is popular with customers and can be widely used in restaurant kitchens, public bathrooms, medical facilities, food processing areas, and many other walls and ceilings that require frequent deep cleaning.

1. It can have the same shape as the corrugated and profiled steel plates, and belongs to glass fiber reinforced plastics.

The characteristics are as follows:
Strong anti-scratch material
Can be easily cleaned
Lightweight and flexible panel, easy to install
Can be installed with glue or fasteners, or both
Improved chemical resistance
Use basics and tricks to install on any variety of materials
High impact resistance
No rust or corrosion

2. Prerequisites for high-quality fiberglass reinforced panel
Raw materials: high-quality resin + high-performance coating + high-quality glass fiber
Function: Strong UV resistance + strong chemical resistance + strong self-cleaning + strong aging resistance + strong powder resistance + high transmittance

3. Strength and rigidity
The strength refers to the stress value in the object when the fiberglass reinforced panel is damaged by force, including the strength of tensile, bending, impact, shear and so on.
The rigidity indicates the resistance of the fiberglass reinforced panel to deformation. Therefore, when the fiberglass reinforced panel is formed, stiffening ribs are used in certain parts or sub-fibers are used on the surface to increase the rigidity.

The Introduction of Fiberglass Reinforced Panel                                 The Introduction of Fiberglass Reinforced Panel

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