FRP Cooling Tower


FRP cooling towar is a device that cools water. Within the tower, the water exchanges heat with the air through it, which makes water temperature drop down. An open cooling tower is a device to disperse the waste heat produced in an industrial or refrigerating air conditioner by evaporation and by the contact of water and air. The basic principle is: dry (low enthalpy value) air through the fan tic enters air inlet net into the cooling tower; saturated vapor pressure the high-temperature water molecules to the low pressure air flow, heat (high enthalpy value) of water through the water system is spread into the tower. When the water meets air, evaporation happens because of pressure, on the one hand due to the direct heat transferring of air meeting water, on the other hand, due to the pressure difference between the surface of steam and air. It means that because surface heat is taken away through unsaturated dry air heat transferring, some evaporated water takes away the deep heat away to achieve the water cooling. The closed cooling tower takes advantage of the contacting of water and pipes for cooling. It means that heat transfers through the pipe wall and takes away the cooling medium in the pipes. Circulating water in the closed cooling tower is kind of internal circulation and proper water supplement required. Compared with the open cooling tower, the most obvious feature for closed cooling tower is the increase of pipes, the liquid to be cooled flows within the steel pipes without direct contact with water, water transferring through the pipe wall.

FRP pultrusion cooling tower system is composed by a cooling tower, fan assembly, a motor assembly, deep dish, splash water device, water distribution device, pipeline system, support, connectors and fasteners, gasket and all the necessary parts and materials. The construction of cooling tower system requires standard FRP pultruded profiles and FRP custom profiles, like FRP channel, various pultruded tube, Pulwounding pipe, GFRP deck, fiberglass ladders, fiberglass gratings and flat bars etc.

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