FRP Decking System


Fiberglass pultruded decking system supplied by Unicomposite Technology Company including various size and type, such as open decking profile, hollow closed decking and honeycomb panel. Foam also can be insulated into the frp decking profile at customer’s request.

Unicomposite fiberglass decking systems are the solution wherever systems are subject to corrosion, rapid deterioration, and constant maintenance problems. In the factory of Unicomposite Technology, there is a sample container which uses frp decking floor and a platform with fiberglass pultruded open decking panel floor which is super strong and durable. The container sample has been used for more than 10 years.

The characteristics of resin and glass composite technology and advanced manufacturing techniques used in the production process makes FRP decking products ideal for a wide range of applications: flooring /stairs, platforms /ramps, walkways /bridges/equipment covers /tank covers/trench covers, etc.

The smallest width we’ve manufactured is 305mm, the largest fiberglass decking system width can be more than 1000mm. The decking system can be designed with inter lock system which makes fiberglass profiles convenient to be jointed together.

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