FRP Process Requirements on Pultrusion Mold


Today we’ll talk about the basic requirements on the pultrusion mold.
With pultruded products have been more and more widely used, the type and quantity of raw materials are dramaticly increasing. And there are requirements not only diversified specifications, variety series, also asked the processing quality is getting higher and higher. The following aspects are important: wear of mirror finish, the mechanical properties, the size stability, corrosion resistance of the structure is reasonable.
In the choice of pultrusion mold, the first consideration is the wear resistance, hardness of 62HRC steel for some of the comparison, for the specific conditions of the die, in order to get high wear resistance, it is required to have a large number of small and hard carbide, in the same hardness, improve the strength and toughness of steel to improve the wear resistance. For the mechanical property, the general mold steels can meet the requirements, and corrosion resistance, but need special surface treatment and good corrosion resistance of material selection. The structure is designed to improve the accuracy of the product, and it is not affected by the process and product. It is necessary to improve the accuracy of the pultrusion mold.

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