FRP Fence


For a long time, metal handrail is used as barrier of sidewalk and motor vehicles (or non motorized vehicles)  to ensure smooth road traffic, pedestrian safety. However, a large number of metal fence/handrail has been used to make the limited iron and steel resources are consumed. Because the metal fence is not only high cost, but also high maintenance costs every year. Due to the rigidity of the metal barrier characteristics, the decision on the occurrence of accidents on the road, hit the metal fence, the consequences will be extremely serious. Therefore, fiberglass material is very popular, road traffic accident damage can be reduced to much. Fiberglass pultruded channels, pultruded tubes, rods, frp flat bars are components of fiberglass handrail.

There are four major characteristics of fiberglass fence/handrail:

Firstly, the density of fiberglass pultruded handrail is little, it’s light weight, the proportion of fiberglass fence is only 1/4 of steel;

Secondly, it has high mechanical strength, which is close to steel.

Thirdly, it’s a good acid and alkali corrosion characteristics and not magnetic.

Fourthly, fiberglass pultruded fence is anti fatigue,  and it allows repeated bending without permanent deformation. There is long service life and anti-ultraviolet radiation. The product can be made into a variety of colors, it also can be made into various forms according to customer’s request.

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