FRP Profile Appearance Inspection


How to inspect the appearance of fiberglass pultruded and handlay-up products?

The FRP profile lining should be smooth and has uniform color, no metal clip, and the basic combination with resin is solid, no drum, and no glass fiber exposes and other defects.

The bubble with diameter of 0.5mm in corrosion resistant layer on the surface of 1M pultruded profile should be  no more than 3pcs, otherwise it should be bubble break, and requires to be repaired.

In the anti-corrosion layer, there is no phenomenon of bleaching and bleaching, and the diameter of the bleaching and removing layer in the enhancement layer is no more than 50mm.

The corrosion resistant layer should be flat and smooth surface, the enhancement layer uneven wall thickness height shall not exceed 20%.

Ground surface layer of smooth degree to 2m straightedge check, the gap should not be more than 5mm. Slope should comply with the design requirements, the allowable deviation for the long slope of 0.2% of the maximum not more than 30mm.

For the whole structure fiberglass equipment, there is joint area, corrosion resistant surface layer does not allow depth of 0.5mm crack and enhanced layer is not allowed to have a depth of more than 2mm crack.

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