Why FRP gratings are used as stair treads


FRP gratings can be used for stair treads. FRP grating is a polyester sheet with many regularly distributed rectangular ,And square spaces made by molding process. Now it is widely used. Then why use FRP grating as stair treads?

Why FRP gratings are used as stair treads

First of all, the installation cost of FRP grating stair treads is low.

Since the weight of the FRP grating is only 1/4 of that of carbon steel, it is very convenient to transport, lift, move, and assemble. At the same time, there is no need to catch fire during installation, and there is no need to stop production in flammable and explosive areas, so its installation cost is only as low as carbon. 20%~40% of steel.

Secondly, the life span of FRP grating stair treads is long.

This is the main cost factor. Under the permitted medium conditions, the design life of FRP grating is 20 years, while the average life of carbon steel is 3 to 5 years. Generally speaking, after ten years of use, the cost of using carbon steel will be more than double that of using FRP grating.

Thirdly, the stair treads of FRP grating do not need maintenance. Steel needs to be derusted and maintained every year, but FRP grating basically does not need maintenance.

Finally, the basic cost of FRP grating stair treads is low.

The quality of the raw materials of the FRP grating, Determines the quality of the FRP grating. In other words, the composition and raw materials of the glass grating are the decisive factors for the quality of the FRP grating. The raw materials used in the production process of FRP grating include resin, glass fiber yarn, curing agent, color paste, etc.

It is precisely because of these properties of FRP grating panels ,that they are suitable for use as stair treads. In addition, FRP grating panels are often used as walkways, Also called frp grating walkway operating platforms, drainage ditch covers, trench covers, and so on. Among them, it has a wide range of applications in the chemical industry, sewage treatment industry, petroleum industry, aquaculture industry, landscaping industry, and car washing industry.

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