FRP Handrails


FRP guardrail is a combination of pultrusion FRP pipe and FRP moulded parts. The basic composition of FRP guardrail: FRP square pipe or FRP round pipe as the foundation frame structure, using FRP grille as the main protective surface, and then using a variety of connectors to connect the parts together.

Classification of FRP guardrail products:

  1. 36 Plum Blossom Tube Series: It is composed of 36 Plum Blossom Tube, Molded Elbow, Three-way, Four-way and Base.2. 50 pipe series: It is composed of 50 pipe, die elbow, three-way, four-way and base.

    3. 50 Square Tube Series: It consists of 50 *50 Square Tube Combination, and the inner plug block is used as the connecting part.

    4. 50 square pipe armrest series: It is composed of 50 x 50 square pipe, 32 round pipe, armrest material and die-pressed elbow as connecting parts.

Product characteristics of FRP guardrail:

  1. High strength: similar to steel strength, four times as long as plastics, with a service life of 20 years.2. Corrosion resistance, maintenance-free: no rust, no need to paint every year, basically no maintenance fees.

    3. Various colors, soft color: like plastic, it can have a variety of colors, which is convenient for urban color design, without stainless steel reflective pollution.

    4. Light weight: the proportion of steel is only 1/4, which is convenient for installation and construction.

    5. Anti-theft: Since FRP can not be recycled and sold, it reduces the possibility of illegal elements stealing.

    6. Excellent electrical insulation performance.

FRP Handrails

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