FRP Insulated Ladders


GRP ladders mainly used for emergency repairs of power supply engineering, telecommunication engineering, electrical engineering and hydropower engineering, maintenance of transformer substation, meter reading.
Specifications: 1m insulated section ladder, 1.5m insulated section ladder, 2m insulated section ladder, 2.5m insulated section ladder, 3.0m insulated section ladder, 3.5m insulated section ladder, 4.0m insulated section ladder.

Features of Insulated Ladders: FRP ladders are rectangular hollow structure profiles, made by more than ten kinds of chemical materials including glass fiber, glass protective pad, alkali free fiber, epoxy resin, phenolic resin and unsaturated resins after high temperature polymerization and pultrusion. This FRP tubes is to mechanical structure rule, not easy to twist or bend. The ladder brace is slippery resistance and connected by type of semi penetration. Fiberglass solid rod is applied to strengthen the whole body of ladder structure, which wears even force. It is stable with reliable and strong connection. The shape of the ladder is trapezoidal structure, beautiful and durable.

The section ladder is not necessarily the eight word structure. There are parallel structures available as per the difference of length and size.

FRP ladder for sale with many types: FRP composite insulated single ladder, FRP insulated miter ladder, GRP folding ladder, FRP insulated lift ladder (unilateral and double sided).

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