FRP Panels FRP Tiles


Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall and ceiling panels is very durable, with high performance and varieties of styles.

FRP Panellings are moisture-resistant and non-porous, available in a range of surface options, textures and colors. It is very easy to install and low maintenance cost,long life span and great-looking.

FRP Panels widely used in restaurants, healthcare facilities, schools, hospital,or in any commercial space where high performance are desired.

FRP Tiles

FRP Tiles is FRP Plates and FRP Corrugated Tiles available, usually, used for roof or wall. It can directly introduce sunlight into a large area of the plant and save a lot of power. Tiles can be made of different materials, such as PVC, PC, FRP and other materials. As time goes by, more and more people gradually choose FRP tiles. What are the advantages of FRP tiles?

  1. Good Light Transmittance. FRP Tiles brighten the factory and does not hurt eyes. It effectively resists ultraviolet radiation and indoor temperature will not be too high.
  2. Good anti-corrosive property. FRP Composite Tiles installed on the roof face harsh environment for a long time, wind and rain, sunshine and rain, snow,frost and so on. The FRP tiles with good performance of corrosion resistance are not easily rusty.
  3. Color Fading resistance Ability. Long-term outdoor facing a variety of weather changes, Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Tile with longer service life than PC and PVC has a certain relationship with its production materials and technology. Resin and fiberglass can not only increase the strength and hardness of FRP tile, but also enhance its weathering resistance, making FRP tile not easy to yellowing or color fading.
  4. Good impact resistance. FRP Tiles as transparent as glass, but also with steel hardness. Glass-Reinforced Plastic Tile is rigid and not brittle, strong resistance to external pressure.

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