Varieties of Fiberglass Cable Tray


1. Trough cable bridge

A fully enclosed cable bridge, which is most suitable for laying computer cables, communication cables, thermocouple cables and other highly sensitive systems.

2. Tray bridge

It has the advantages of light weight, large load, beautiful appearance, simple structure and convenient installation, which is also suitable for power cable installation as well as control cable laying.

3. Stepped cable bridge

It is suitable for laying large diameter cables, especially for laying high and low power cables.

Fiberglass, aluminum alloy and long span cable bridge. There are cable trays, wire sieves, trough curving, tee, tee and through, and bracket and hanger.

Varieties of Fiberglass Cable Tray

Varieties of Fiberglass Cable Tray

4. Epoxy resin composite cable bridge

The conventional metal bridge has a thin anti-corrosion layer on the surface, which is easy to be damaged during transportation and installation. In addition, the surface is provided with tiny holes, through which corrosive gas can easily enter the structural layer to affect the anti-corrosion effect. The non – metal cable bridge has strong anti – corrosion property, but not enough mechanical strength. Based on these conditions, our company developed the epoxy resin composite cable bridge: it added the metal skeleton in the epoxy resin cable bridge, not only retained the characteristics of the original epoxy resin cable bridge, but also increased the mechanical strength, can bear large diameter of the cable, the bridge span can reach 12 meters. In order to solve the problem of delamination caused by different expansion coefficients of metals and nonmetals, a bonding layer is added between metals and nonmetals. In order to solve the problem of easy powder and aging, the protective layer with anti-light effect is moulded on the surface of the bridge. The service life of the epoxy resin composite cable bridge is more than 30 years after being appraised by relevant institutions. The epoxy resin composite cable bridge is most suitable for corrosive environment, long span and heavy load. The protective cover plate shall be used for the cable bridge across areas vulnerable to external mechanical damage and in the open air.

When the cable groove or ladder bracket is in branch, various bent-through connections can be used.

According to surface, it can be divided into: hot-dip galvanized bridge frame, hot-dip galvanized plate bridge frame, electric hot-dip galvanized bridge frame, electrostatic spraying bridge frame, fire-proof paint (paint) bridge frame, anti-rust paint bridge frame, fire-proof flame retardant bridge frame, etc.

Bridge structure has developed rapidly in recent years. It is not only serialized, but also developed from ordinary bridge frame to fire resistant bridge frame, anti-corrosion bridge frame and other varieties, which can fully meet the needs of the project.

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