FRP Handrails


FRP Handrails is widely used in the industry fields, for example walkways, FRP platformGFRP fenceFRP highway safety system etc.

Series of Our GFRP Guardrails Products:

  1. Φ50 Round Pipe Series

Consist of Φ50 round pipe, SMC tees, angles, bases etc.

  1. 50 Square Tubes Series

Consist of 50mm square tubes, to assemble by inserting methods.


Installation Methods of Fiberglass Guardrails:

Two methods:

  1. Pre-assembled FRP posts with cement
  2. Bolts

To assemble base for posts with anchor bolts firstly, then assemble posts to the base.


Features of Fiberglass Guardrail Systems

  1. The weight of glass fiber reinforced plastic guardrail is relatively light. The material density is only 1/4 of steel, easier to install.
  2. FRP Handrail System, with high safety rate, is fixed in all adjacent posts in the middle of the handrails after the whole FRP guardrail assembled and unloaded without any damage.
  3. Corrosion resistance, not easy to rust and free of maintenance.
  4. Very convenient to install. All dimensions are processed to actual applications and can be easily assembled on site.
  5. Long service life, generally more than 20 years
  6. Various colors available, can be designed to customers’ requirements

We could custom to your requirements. Any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

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