Fiberglass Gratings Package And Unloading


Fiberglass gratings delivery is usually long, in order to prevent bumps on the road and leading to the board damage, so i loading before grid board held on package.

Fiberglass pultruded and molded gratings package

1. Wooden pallet should be made to be used under the fiberglass gratings, which will be convient to forklift loading and unloading.

2. The lifting point should be at the bottom of the package as the lifting position.

About unloading the goods, there are some tips that should also be paid attention to.

1. Fiberglass gratings have high strength, unreasonable stress will cause deformation or destruction.

2. Suggests using nylon sling lifting to handle, if the lifting wire rope should be meticulous, cover the edges of the fiberglass gratings of flat steel, glass steel grille guard outside of the plate permanent deformation or destruction.

3. If you use a forklift to do loading and unloading, we should guard the tines tension (against) the impact of the grating plate is flat.

4. Considering the acceptance and placement and convenience, please sign in to see one side of one side and steel.

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