Pultruded Profiles Curing Effect


All FRP products will be curing after pultrusion process, and the curing process has a great effect on the fiberglass tubes, rods, angles quality.

FRP pultruded curing degree configuration of the resin, the higher curing temperature, the better strength products will have. And the lower the curing degree, the intensity is low, and it is easy to produce high elastic deformation. The thermosetting resin in the curing will produce volume contraction deformation, excessive contraction deformation is easy to produce cracks in glass steel products, epoxy resin in pultrusion process shrinkage is smaller, the contraction rate of phenolic resin, in order to eliminate the defects, although low resin curing shrinkage.

FRP pultruded configuration of heat resistance, corrosion resistance strain depends on the resin, and the resin temperature resistance now widespread low tension, tower blocks openglass steel products.

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