Pultruded Profiles Curing Effect


Fiberglass pultruded tooling generally consists of two parts, the pre forming system and forming mold. (1) the pre forming system in the pultrusion process, enhance the material impregnated resin (or impregnated with resin at the same time), must pass through the preforming mold is composed of a set of guide components into the mold, preform mold is the role of the dipping reinforced material in accordance with section configuration, gradually formed preform molding control approximate shape and size, and then enter the model so as to ensure the products with a uniform cross-section of yarn. (2) Pultrusion mold sectional area and cross-sectional area ratio should be greater than or equal to 10 to ensure that the mold has enough strength and rigidity, uniform heat distribution and heat stability. Pultrusion die length is decided according to the forming process of drawing speed and resin solidification rate, in order to ensure the product out of reach of release degree of cure. Commonly used steel chrome plated, cavity surface finish requirements, in order to reduce friction and wear pultrusion molding and improve the service life of the tooling.

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