Factors Which Effect Pultrusion Process


All FRP profiles are manufactured through the pultrusion mold. There are following factors which will affect the products quality in the pultrusion process:

(1) roving systems: the fiberglass roving distribution system. When distributing the fiber reinforced material transfer, in order to make roving smooth, we generally use the rotating shaft, fiberglass roving can be drawn from the outside so that we can avoid the reverse phenomenon of roving.

(2) the natural resin impregnated: it is the process of natural resin and the good glass fiber impregnated arrangement. Natural resin impregnation is performed after gel slot with a natural resin in fiber and felt the long groove, common impregnation method. On the whole the impregnation process, ensure fiber and felt very neat arrangement.

(3) pre forming system: pre forming device is composed of a splitter plate, diffluent bracket and a guide bracket. Pre forming device across the fiber material impregnated with good form, won the operation in order to ensure that their relative positions; the pre forming device fiber material impregnated gradually become similar style profile, natural resin and extrusion of excess; and step into the pultrusion mold, molding and curing effect.

The guide bracket is in general the mold material inlet, contact surface shall be trimmed smooth pre forming device and fiber reinforced fiber and avoid shaving.

(4) molding and curing: roving and resin will be cured in the mold. Mold temperature on the basis of the implementation of natural resin system design, mainly based on the friction performance of exothermic curve natural resin and material and mold. The common mold is divided into preheating zone, gel and curing two heating zones are not the same, to curb the rate of curing. Mold is the local pultrusion process is the key, the typical die length in the range of 0.6 ~ 1.5m.

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