Fiberglass Rods Application


There are two kinds of fiberglass pultruded rods in application, positioning function and fixed.

1. Fiberglass rods for positioning, they are generally used with connection.

2. The fixing rod, generally uses the interference fit, double-sided adhesive method. Round bar before use, to the corresponding position of the workpiece to be connected with the bidirectional punch, and then in the hole or round bar coated with glue, the rod in the hole, and the pressure on the workpiece, the glue is solidified, to complete the connection.

Fiberglass rods application:

1. Because chemical corrosion resistance of fiberglass rods excellent in fuel, fiberglass pultruded rods are widely used in the chemical industry, electric and pneumatic line bracket, hungry generator cooling device, stair and handrail, platform, walkway. The fuel tank, switchboard and power distribution room, drainage and drainage system, identify and distinguish the position of micro, micro remember well sucker rod, the tower filler in the filter plate bracket, bracket.

2. Electricity: because of its excellent performance, pultruded profiles are widely used as insulating support members, high voltage cables, antenna columns, high current operating lever.

3. Construction: fiberglass rods can be used for roof support, fence, wall enhanced gratings.

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