FRP Material And Demoulding Process


1. Material And Design

FRP profiles with unidirectional glass fiber roving and mat as reinforced material, the unidirectional glass fiber roving is used to enhance the strength of the longitudinal profiles, glass fiber mat reinforced sections transverse strength. The outer surface of the profile with a thin glass mat will improve the surface quality of products.

As the effect of the binder matrix mixture composed of unsaturated polyester resin, low shrinkage additives, curing agent, release agent, filler and other auxiliary materials.

The standard pultruded profile is composed of three layers:

(1) resin rich layer: anti aging layer, composed of surface mat and resin;

(2) the transverse reinforcement: increase the transverse intensity profiles, which is made of continuous fiber reinforced mat and resin;

(3) the longitudinal reinforcement: increase the profile of longitudinal strength, composed of fiberglass roving and resin.

2. Demoulding Process:

Pultruded materials go through from the mold in the traction machine when they move to a point along the length direction of the mold, gelation temperature is gradually achieved, that’ll cause gelation and curing reaction, exothermically, resin temperature rises rapidly, increasing viscosity, quickly turned into a hard solid with the volume shrinkage, pressure on the pultrusion mold wall decline quickly, until zero. And the profile detaches from the end of the mold wall, and form a certain gap.

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