SMC Cabinet Features


We have introduced the pultruded products advantages, today we’ll talk about SMC composite material for manufacturing insulation type power distribution cabinet features:

(1) Full insulation and safety: the distribution cabinet material with insulating materials, SMC composite material with excellent performance, which has the advantages of high insulation resistance and breaks down voltage, which can prevent the leakage accident, can maintain good dielectric properties at high frequency, not reflective, blocking the spread of microwave, can not rust long term use, suitable for application in the crowded or narrow place, avoid the body electric shock phenomenon.

(2) Corrosion resistance and long service life: insulation material distribution cabinet with SMC composite material has good corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance, which can be resistant to water, alcohol, gasoline, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid electrolytic salt, potassium sodium compounds, all kinds of acid and alkali soil, and acid rain. The product has good anti-aging properties, the surface of the product has a protective layer with a layer of UV resistant ability strong, double protection products with higher anti-aging properties; suitable for all kinds of bad weather, in the -50 C +150℃ environment, can still maintain good physical and mechanical properties, protection class IP54. Insulation type power distribution cabinet and long service life, maintenance-free.

(3) Convenient installation is carrying: an insulated distribution cabinet adopts a plate structure, modular installation, suitable for carrying, simple installation, field assembly, or disassembly.

(4) Insulation, anti-condensation type power distribution cabinet of SMC composite is a poor conductor of heat, high heat deformation rate is low, can reduce the influence of environmental temperature on the interior of the box body, compared with the metal materials can effectively reduce the insulation type power distribution cabinet internal condensation, frost.

(5) The beautiful appearance and security: SMC insulation type power distribution cabinet design of diamond surface protrusions will prevent small advertising paste function. And the unique appearance will make the environment of the city beautiful. Because of the SMC composite material is the thermosetting composite materials, and it has low recovery value.

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